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Want sweet potatoes that consistently deliver the taste, color and shape that consumers desire? At Topashaw, we refresh our varieties every year, ensuring the foundation characteristics that consistently produce top of the line produce for your market.

And we don't stop there. On our farm we test new varieties to make sure our brand is constantly improving.

Healthy plants are key to producing quality sweet potatoes-and we make sure that happens with the safe and effective use of FDA approved fungicide to prevent disease.

At Topashaw Farms, we work hard at conditioning the soil to guarantee better shape, size and skin quality of our sweet potatoes-traits that consumers desire.

We carefully apply fertilizers at recommended rates and use foliars to certify that Topashaw produces the healthiest plants and best tasting sweet potatoes possible!

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At Topashaw Farms, we know sweet potatoes. Our family's been growing ‘em for over 30 years!

With numerous acres of rotating crop land, cutting edge technology, and an experienced, dedicated staff... Topashaw has the right team to meet high customer demands.

And because we're family owned and operated, we're able to taylor service to meet individual needs.

Sweet Potatoes